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Joliet - Will County - Child Support Lawyer


While child support has strict calculations, the process is anything but automatic. Spousal support does not have set formulas, yet has many categories involving temporary or permanent maintenance.


At The Law Firm of Rick Muñoz, we represent divorcing clients who are facing difficult times in their lives. Our job is to remain at their side, providing them sound legal advice during challenging personal times.


The Help You Need From an Illinois Child Support Attorney


Like many states, Illinois has a child support calculation that factors in a noncustodial parent's net income and the number of children from the marriage. However, the final number is not always an accurate reflection of the actual income. Self-employed individuals and business owners can hide money or make personal purchases with money meant for their company. Disclosure is anything but full. Discovery tools are employed with the help of a Joliet child support attorney.


Joliet Spousal Support Attorney Getting to the Facts


Spousal support — formerly alimony — presents more challenges as strict calculations do not exist. Temporary spousal maintenance is established to maintain necessary funds until the divorce is finalized. Permanent maintenance is determined based on health, welfare and the ability to earn an income.


As with child support matters, self-employed entrepreneurs and business owners often try to conceal their actual incomes. Our job is to get to the facts through in-depth discovery.


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