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Joliet - Will County - Paternity / Parentage Lawyer


Couples who have a child outside of marriage face various challenges. When those couples choose to end their relationship, visitation and child support issues may arise. Without the benefit of marriage, mothers and fathers face legal complexities in securing parenting time and money to raise a child.


Joliet Parental Rights Attorney Advocating for Unmarried Parents


At The Law Firm of Rick Muñoz, we handle all aspects of child support or custody and visitation matters for single parents. We help navigate through the complexity of the law and fight for the best outcome. In many cases, paternity tests are needed.


A father's name on a birth certificate does not determine paternity or help a father to assert his rights to parenting time. Courts determine paternity, not a document that may or may not have been signed by the biological father. If you are a single dad, you need one of our custody and visitation attorneys to assert your parental rights.


Mothers dealing with biological fathers denying paternity require an equal level of dedication and aggressive representation. Legal issues such as these are resolved through science. DNA testing must be conducted to determine the biological father.


With these data, we move forward to secure visitation for a father and necessary financial support for the mother. Do not rely on a name on a birth certificate. Do not delay in identifying the true father of a child. Take action with one call to our Joliet paternity attorneys.


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