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Joliet - Will County - Uncontested Divorce Lawyer


While you and your spouse have come to agreements related to custody, visitation and other divorce-related matters, you still need legal help. Divorce law is complex and requires the help and guidance of an experienced Joliet uncontested divorce attorney. While uncontested divorces lack the rancor and are in the best interests of children, mistakes can be made, leading to larger problems in the future.


At The Law Firm of Rick Muñoz, we help clients with both the immediate and long-term issues related to an uncontested divorce. Professional and personal lives change, altering child and spousal supportarrangements. Custody was determined, but visitation was forgotten. The decisions you make and the documents you sign today may not help you tomorrow.


Joliet Child Support and Custody Attorneys Helping With Uncontested Divorces


All aspects of a divorce are agreed upon. Any disputes involving custody and visitation, child and spousal support, debt and property division have all been resolved. Before you submit that paperwork, you need one of our dedicated and diligent attorneys to go through the agreement. We take time to understand your needs and goals and compare that with the wording of the divorce agreement.


For example, waiving spousal maintenance because you do not need it at the time is a permanent decision. One cannot go back and revisit this part of the decree in the future. While you can modify various aspects of a divorce, you cannot request spousal support after the fact.


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