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Joliet - Will County - Child Support Modification Lawyer


A final divorce decree is based on the circumstances of that time. Child support amounts are set based on income, and parenting plans are set based on schedules. As time passes, income changes, jobs are lost and remarriages occur. In those situations, agreements must be revisited and oftentimes modified.


At The Law Firm of Rick Muñoz, we provide the same level of advocacy in modifying divorce decrees as we did for the original marital dissolution. Legal issues can still become emotional. We remain at the side of our client until the modification is resolved.


Dedicated and Diligent Wheaton Custody and Visitation Modification Attorneys


A substantial change in circumstances is the court's standard to meet in revisiting a divorce agreement. Job losses are more common with a higher unemployment rate. Child support and spousal maintenance become challenging to pay on a timely basis. A parent deemed unfit could lead to the removal of children from the home.


Our Joliet child support modification attorneys take a proactive approach to modifying divorce-related agreements. We encourage our clients to do the same. The consequences of not pursuing a modification can be catastrophic. Unpaid child support is taken seriously by the courts. Falling behind or failing to pay support could result in suspension of driving privileges or jail time for the payer.


Modifications that arise from new jobs or remarriages occurring out of state require fast action. The noncustodial parent must be notified within a certain amount of time to contest a relocation. We share the court's emphasis on the best interests of the children in a move-away, and pursue satisfactory outcomes on behalf of our clients.


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