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Joliet - Will County, Theft Crimes Lawyer


An arrest for shoplifting outside of a store is a public embarrassment for many people who come to Attorney Muñoz. A simple misunderstanding resulted in the police detaining the alleged theft suspects. More serious theft, burglary and armed robbery cases are not as clear cut as law enforcement would have you believe.


Illinois Robbery/Burglary Lawyers Getting to the Facts of Your Criminal Case


Regardless of the severity of the theft allegations you face, your rights still need aggressive protection from an experienced attorney at The Law Firm of Rick Muñoz. We do not shy away from courtroom litigation before a judge or jury if it provides their clients the best outcome.

Rick J Muñoz prides himself on being a TRUE courtroom trial attorney. With several jury trials and hundreds of bench trials between, attorney Muñoz brings experience, knowledge and insight into the courtroom. You need that level of legal advocacy for a theft charge when your future and freedom are at stake.


Joliet Shoplifting Defense Attorneys Protecting Your Rights


Important questions must be posed while building a strong criminal defense. How was the so-called culprit caught? How did the arrest occur? Did police follow proper procedures? Did a traffic stop or search and seizure turn up other items from the store or even drugs? Were there any eyewitnesses?


We know what is at stake for our clients. Misdemeanors are charged at less than $300 for regular theft or $150 for retail theft, also known as shoplifting. Armed robbery and residential burglary are considered felony charges that could lead to significant prison sentences.


Prison and serious fines are not the only option or outcome to a conviction. Court supervision and Treatment Alternatives for Safe Communities (TASC) programs are meant to minimize penalties and deal with issues that led an individual to commit a theft-related crime. Our Joliet theft crimes attorneys can help you fight for the best outcome.


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